The Poetics of Fragility [Limited Screening]

Transmedia explores trauma
By Lata Mani and Nicolás Grandi

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Editor's note:

With this LIMITED SCREENING, Rungh is experimenting with the screening of full versions of material for our Screens section. After a set time period expires, the link will be to a shorter or trailer version.

Fragility is a form of complexity
existing in relation to whole-ness
its own and as well of the interpretive totality
its characteristics manifest at

– Lata Mani

Jisha Menon

Jisha Menon.

The Poetics of Fragility is a transmedia bilingual exploration of the texture, vitality and aesthetics of fragility. It interweaves stories of bodily frailty with optical vignettes of nature’s delicacy to reclaim fragility as intrinsic to existence, not something to be bemoaned or overcome.


The Poetics of Fragility exhibition.

The film is conceived as a “videocontemplation;” a form that Nicolás Grandi and Lata Mani have been developing to explore the audiovisual medium as a sensuous tool for social inquiry with a philosophical impulse. The visually arresting and formally plural work unfolds through stories that build on and amplify each other. Moments of emotional intensity alternate with speculative calm, dramatic narration with poetry and critical inquiry into prevailing understandings of fragility.

The Poetics of Fragility exhibition.

The Poetics of Fragility exhibition.

The kaleidoscopic project includes an artist book, a website and an exhibition in progress of artifacts, audio and video installations. Community engagement has core to the project from its inception. As the exhibition travels local artists, scholars and activists will be invited to respond to and extend the project’s concerns.

The Poetics of Fragility was recently featured in the workshop "Intersections: Historical Practice and Creative Arts", organized by Professor Anne Murphy with visual artist Raghavendra Rao at UBC (August 21-23, 2019). This workshop, made possible by The UBC Interdisciplinary Histories Research Cluster, was funded by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation which encourages the exploration of interdisciplinary and artistic engagements with the past.

The Poetics of Fragility (full video):

Nora Cortiñas

Nora Cortinas

Nora Cortiñas

Angela Davis

Thao Nguyen

Thao Nguyen


  • Angela Davis
  • Cherrie Moraga
  • Nora Cortiñas
  • Jisha Menon
  • Christopher Miles
  • Negar Tayyar
  • Xochitl M. Perales
  • Jasim Perales
  • Greg Manalo
  • Thao P. Nguyen
  • Martha Rynberg
  • María Laura Cáccamo


  • Concept and Script: Lata Mani
  • Direction and montage: Nicolás Grandi and Lata Mani
  • Camera: Nicolás Grandi
  • Sound design: Nicolás Grandi
  • Producers: Sanjay Kabir Bavikatte and Negar Tayyar
Lata Mani
Lata Mani, Ph.D. is a feminist historian, cultural critic, contemplative writer and filmmaker. She has published on a broad range of issues, from feminism and colonialism, to illness, spiritual philosophy and contemporary politics. She is the director of the film, Leela’s Journey (2009).
Nicolás Grandi

Nicolás Grandi is a Buenos Aires based filmmaker, transdisciplinary artist, researcher and educator. He has been teaching film theory and practice in universities, schools and community workshops in Argentina and India where he lived for 5 years. This experience allowed him to integrate his artistic, academic and spiritual practices. His films include La Pasión Según Ander (2005), Casafuerte (2004), and Simon Decouvre (2000).

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