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Languishing Poem

I'm going to (right) a language poem,

First - mix up the significant signifier.
Language - lang-uag-ing on image -
like two times two equals three - 2x2=3


blood soaked
blood soaked fists
blood soaked fists reaching
blood soaked fists reaching from
blood soaked fists reaching from swastika arms
Bristling scalp
with blood soaked fists reaches brown face ergo - face crushed underneath the onslaught.

Morrissey: London Is Dead - The National Front Disco
My languishing poem will be corrected.

Frieze and handprint design by Sherazad Jamal.
Redux Handprint
Phinder Dulai
Phinder Dulai is a writer and poet living in Surrey, B.C. His poetry is published in Canadian Literature Offerings Cue Books Anthology, and other publications. He is a co-founder of The South Of Fraser Inter Arts Collective, and is the author of two poetry books.
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