Cuz difference = strength

By De Poonani Posse

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Cuz Difference = Strength

CUZ our distinct stories stretch back 2 African Lucy mother of us all. Cuz we met/fought/ traded/fucked long before whites noticed there was a world outside their door.Cuz before whites came, Asians & Arabs came 2 Africa for ivory, spices, gold, & slaves. Cuz this contributed 2 economic growth & wealth in their own lands. Cuz African slaves were sent 2 Indonesia,Gujarat,Diu,Goa,Chinaand Malaysia.Cuz Malik Ambar,an Ethiopian, led a slave revolt, takin' over central India & ruling from 101-1626. Cuz do u really believe that the DNA & cultures of these people just vanished? Cuz none of us are pure anything but it's still hard for some 2 admit they're part Blk. Cuz ain't it clear why some Asians and Pacific Islanders look the way they do? Cut in Africa 2day many Asians occupy a middle ground of relative privilege & power between white & Blk people. Cuz in the Americas many of these relations still exist. Cuz many of ur communities still have more economic/class privilege than Blk communities do. Cuz Asian shopkeeper shootings of Blk youth is ur problem too. Cuz police murders of Blk men and public strip searches of Blk wimmin should be a woman of colour issue. Cuz when they done with us they comin' for u. Cuz neo nazi bashing and murders in ur communities effect us too. Cuz our white oppressors don't treat Blk & Brwn people as 1 coloured people. Cuz there is a continuum of oppression. Cuz there is a difference between reservations/slavery/genocide/indentured labourers. Cut we're all affected in different ways by classism, ageism, ableism, racism, light-skin privilege, imperialism & the myth of the model minority. Cuz Blk dykes need 2 know where myths of the caring Blk mammy, the sex-crazed Blk slut & the intimidating Blk bitch go when Blk a Brwn dykes gather. Cuz we're the wimmin ur families & communities warned U about. Cuz U & white gyals are the wimmin our beauty is measured against. Cuz readin' our books, quotin' our words in essays & dancin' to our music hasn't taught u how to cope with Blk wimmin when we speak. Cuz we tired of U callin' us rude,abusive/angry when our words make u uncomfortable. Cuz diasporic African definitions of courtesy may not always be urs. Cuz we won't be judged by ur cultural attitudes. Cuz our ways of being are distinct & valid. Cuz if Blk wimmin are gonna share our cultures/our music/our pain & o2rr words we're gonna need 2 see urs. Cuz we can learn from ur history, ur issues & ur mistakes if u're willin' to share. Cuz we ALL livin' fat on First Nation's land. Cuz there are Blk people of the First Nations. Cuz runaway Blk slaves were sheltered by People of the First Nations. Cuz we have comfortable homes & some of them need 2 beg on corners all over their own fucking country. Cuz we must support their fight for sovreignty/ autonomy. Cuz histories of colonization affect how we relate in North America.Cuz hangin'/fuckin' will not end the animosity/tension between Blk & Brwn dykes. Cuz callin' ourselves 3rd world/ world majority /of colour hides our differences & our privileged 1st world status. Cuz Alice Walker & Pratiba Parmar needed 2 give their money & camera equipment 2 African wimmin to film their own warrior marks. Cuz why do we often speak for/about our sistren in other parts of the world when they have their own voices? Cuz in us there is the capacity 2 love each other greatly. Cut only whites gain from us not doing so. Cuz difference=strength. Cuz if we don't start truth tellin' & stop actin' out real dialogue can't happen. Cuz truly united our people's can never be defeated! Cuz this is the time 2 air ALL the dirty laundry.

Frieze and handprint design by Sherazad Jamal.
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The wimmin of De Poonani Posse are TJ Bryan, Sherece Taffe and Nicole Redman, three Blk (of African descent) dyke artists/writers/ organizers. DPP is a cultural production house dedicated to organizing Black lesbian-focussed events and produces Da Juice! - a Black lesbian magazine based in Toronto.
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