Joi T. Arcand - ēkāwiya nēpēwisi (don’t be shy)
Artist: Joi T. Arcand Title: ēkāwiya nēpēwisi (don’t be shy) Medium: neon sign Year: 2017 Credit: Image courtesy of the artist.

This issue is about cracks, shifting, reclaiming, mending, exchanging, inscribing, remembering and lying. Somehow, fitting for the times we are in.

In two wide ranging conversations, authors Dionne Brand and Anosh Irani reflect on their practices and the necessity to write. Irani’s current collection of short stories is also reviewed.

Indigenous knowledge and language reclamation are at the core of reviews of art exhibitions held at the Vancouver Art Gallery and TRUCK Contemporary Art (images from the TRUCK show are also the banner images for this issue). New fiction by Shani Mootoo, adds a vortex to the mix and artist Indu Antony ponders her emplacement in Toronto at the Ada Slaight Student Gallery. The Artist Run Centre features Raghavendra Rao KV as he mends the cracks of trauma.

Time travel is encouraged at Rungh with our continued focus on the archive. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak is our newest Rungh Reprint. As a member of Recollective: Vancouver Independent Archives Week, Rungh is also presenting programming from our contribution to recollecting, with more to come.

Stay safe.

– Editor