Fair Play - Ali Kazimi

At Rungh, we like to ask questions. Often, the answers surprise us.

Our Poetry feature in this issue, On Poetry and Complexity, brings together Madhur Anand, Rae Armantrout, Roald Hoffman and Sarah Tolmie as they talk about the presence of complexity, ambiguity, originality and error in their poetry. Osheen Harruthoonyan's art work accompanies the conversation.

What is the role of repetition in an art practice? Indu Vashist and Toleen Touq tackle this question as a part of their text about the artist P. Mansaram, who is featured in the Artist Run Centre.

Bangalore appears twice in this issue. Firstly, in Arpita Bajpeyi's inquisition into kathak dance, "a mid-creation artist’s refection on context, process and trajectories". Secondly, in Tara Atluri's questions about arts spaces and how such spaces interrogate urban priorities. Questions about space and who occupies it are also broached in Shagufta Pasta's reflection on the Vancouver Mural Festival and Kiran Sunar's review of Simranpreet Anand's "act of refusal" at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Rusaba Alam asks prickly questions in her review of a Chekov adaption, wondering about tokenism and the selling of "something called 'South Asian theatre'", at a mainstream theatre company.

Derek Mascarenes writes about a brother and sister in a fiction excerpt from his new book, Coconut Dreams. "Why were you late today, Ally?" the brother asks of the sister.

Find some of the answers in this issue of Rungh.

– Editor