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Personally, I have aways wanted Rungh to broaden out, both internationally and within Canada. In this issue, I have just touched on it. I hope future guest editors push for a wider scope of contributors and readers because Rungh is ready.

What I fell in love with is the loves and startles in these works around food, be it: innuendos, illness, class, yearnings, slyings, chants, anger; under-underneath language dished out piping hot, voluptuousness (never say gluttony), and that much touted statement "politics and food'… there is a baring generosity which the contributors have brought to this theme, but then food is co-creativity between giver and receiver.

- Yasmin Ladha, Guest Editor

Dear Yasmin,

I sent you a long letter a few days ago but I must continue with a Post Script entitled "Food & the Village".

I am in Kazimier right now. There is so much to say about this little town. Let me begin… The smell of food is nostalgic here. Walls are warm and heavy jars in the windows are inhaling the sunshine. It's so easy to imagine "Potato Eaters"…

P.S. I'll come back equipped with recipes and a few jars. Please come to my home on the 19th for a grand opening… of the jars. We can listen to Chopin & Eat.

Until then I miss you.

- Bozenna
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