The Curve

"kissing, licking, teasing the curve"
by Zara Suleman

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smooth and silky the line draws close
to your body then far away
inside lines hugging turns
that feel so warm
against my

the sloping sensual circular
motions of my tongue along
your flesh, tasting your
skin inhaling your
sweet seductive
smell through
my body

my fingertips leaving
prints into your tissue
layers wanting to connect
with your body as one, hands
melting into your waist and hips
heat from a fire, from your fire
pull me in, look up,
we meet
eye to eye

the curve, the line of your
fleshy flesh pulling over
your body, from under your arms to
your tummy the curve runs
its course, guiding my hands
all over then aligning to the
curve, holding tightly and softly
kissing, licking, teasing the curve
wanting to please
every curve, wanting to conform
to every curve,
wanting every curve
of yours next to

Handprint design by Sherazad Jamal.
Redux Handprint
Zara Suleman
Zara Suleman currently works as a family law and fertility lawyer in her own solo firm. She is also a certified family law mediator and collaborative law practitioner. Zara Suleman has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Women’s Studies, a Law degree and a Master of Laws.
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