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October 22, 2020

Rungh - Volume 7, Number 4 is NOW available

Moving Forward, porcelain, ceramic decal, 2015, photo credit: Dale Roddick

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Don't miss our two new Artist Run Centre features which include a look into the work of ceramic artist Heidi McKenzie and her journey in crafting identity (her artwork is shown above and in the banners for this issue), and also Jamelie Hassan and Soheila Esfahani’s recent show at the Campbell River Art Gallery exploring the idea of translations.

Excerpts of poetry from poets Junie Desil (eat salt/ gaze at the ocean) and Natasha Ramoutar's (Bittersweet) newly published collections and a fiction excerpt from Francesca Ekwuyasi’s Butter Honey Pig Bread.

Lots more to read and share. Continue reading to see what else is featured in Rungh - Volume 7, Number 4.

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Also, stay tuned for Volume 8, as we plan to launch a redesigned Rungh site, with a bold look and navigation that encourages you to linger and delve deeper into our growing content. Rungh will also be adding some “destination reading” with the gradual introduction of Columnist(s) and our growing list of initiatives and archives.

We hope you enjoy Rungh's newest issue and don't forget to send us your thoughts and feedback and share with your family and friends.

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Artist Run Centres

Crafting Identity
"Touch, with its haptic nature, its presence in an echo of an object, recalls what we have lost and what has become all the more precious to us because of the Covid-19 pandemic". Read more of Lera Kotsyuba's write-up on Heidi McKenzie’s 2019 exhibition "Family Matters".
Jamelie Hassan, Habibye, (My love, male) & Habibitee (My love, female), glass mosaic tile mounted on plywood, 2018. Collection of the artist. Photo Credit: Sarmad Almouallem.
Soheila Esfahani, Made in Iran, detail, Various types of wood, 4.5" x 6.5" each plaque, 2010.
Embodied EngagementsThe artwork of Jamelie Hassan and Soheila Esfahani in Translations
Read from Jenelle Pasiechnik, Curator of Contemporary Art, Campbell River Art Gallery, about the two-person exhibition Translations which included a selection of artworks by Jamelie Hassan and Soheila Esfahani that addressed the translation of aspects of Arabic and Iranian cultures into the Canadian context.


eat salt | gaze at the ocean
eat salt/ gaze at the oceanPoetry from Junie Désil
Excerpts from the collection eat salt/gaze at the ocean by Junie Désil, published by Talonbooks (2020) are available over in Rungh Volume 7, Issue 4 now.
BittersweetPoetry by Natasha Ramoutar
Read poems from Natasha Ramoutar's Bittersweet, published by Mawenzi House Publishers (2020).

Reviews and Reflections

Did you know that Rungh commissions reviews across Canada by BIPOC reviewers? If you are interested in joining us as a reviewer, get in touch.


This Red Line Goes Straight to Your Heart
Archival BricolageSimranpreet Anand in e-conversation with Madhur Anand
Madhur Anand reflects on This Red Line Goes Straight to Your Heart.

Rungh Reprints

Rungh Reprints is a series of archival reprints that revisits significant pieces of writing to better understand the context which connects Rungh’s past, present, and future.
Bleeding the Memory Membrane
Bleeding the Memory MembraneBy Chris Creighton-Kelly

Arts Activism and Cultural Institutions.

Chris Creighton Kelly explores the various strategies which arts activists could utilize as they tried to change cultural institutions from inside and outside these same institutions.


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