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March 12, 2021

Rungh Magazine: Volume 8, No 2

The Same Chains. 91 x 76 cm. Acrylic on canvas 2020. Artist: David Garneau.
The Same Chains, David Garneau, 91 x 76 cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2020.

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Originally published on Akimbo

JOIN – NEW Rungh Magazine, Volume 8, No 2

Rungh is Canada's leading online platform which focuses on creative work by Indigenous, Black and People of Colour (IBPOC) identified artists. Since 1992, Rungh Magazine has featured multidisciplinary, unique and opinionated views and reviews. Subscription is FREE. JOIN our mailing list.

The Rungh platform has been redesigned and features a new Initiatives page which highlights Rungh’s programming from an annual Art & Feminism Wikipedia Edit-A-Thons, to Rungh Readings which highlight IBPOC artists, to an Artists and Contributors page which showcases some of Canada’s most well known (and soon to be well known) artists (have a browse).

Installation view of Openings (Saekdong Seas), Jin-me Yoon, 2020. Photo by Brittany Nickerson.
Installation view of Openings (Saekdong Seas), Jin-me Yoon, 2020. Photo by Brittany Nickerson.

The NEW Volume 8, No 2 features our first Columnist, David Garneau, with his thought provoking questioning of the terms "indigenization" and "apology" ("Indigenization and Its Opposite, Indigenization"). Expect more destination reading from David in future issues of Rungh.

Author, actor, playwright (and CBC Canada Reads 2012 winner), Carmen Aguirre takes aim at "cancel culture" in her thought provoking comments, "Solidaridad: Reflections on Repair, Reassemble, and Reunite".

Rungh is committed to covering the Canadian visual art scene and in this issue features reviews of Divya Mehra at the MacKenzie Art Gallery (Regina); Jin-me Yoon at Truck Gallery/ M:ST Performative Art (Mohkinstsis/Calgary); and Nicole Neidhardt, Lacie Burning, Chandra Melting Tallow, and Whess Harmon at Open Space (Songhees and Esquimalt Nations/Victoria).

Land Back. Photo by Kara Stanton.

The fiction excerpt from Book of Wings by Tawhida Tanya Evanson continues Rungh’s showcasing of Canadian IBPOC writers which have included Francesca Ekwuyasi (Butter Honey Pig Bread), Shani Mootoo (Polar Vortex), Hassan Ghedi Santur (Youth of God), Derek Mascarenhas (Coconut Dreams), Larissa Lai (The Tiger Flu), Manjushree Thapa (All Of Us In Our Own Lives), Kiran Kaur (The Vetala Of False Creek), and Shenaaz Nanji (Ghost Boys). Look at our Fiction section.

The Rungh Archives continue to grow with a soon to be announced artist residency program. In the meantime, flip through the pages of the Rungh Magazine (print archive) from 1992 to 2000, with our new reader app.

Rungh continues to grow and change in these challenging times.

Join Rungh on its journey to centre Indigenous, Black and People of Colour (IBPOC) artist in Canada.

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