A Balancing Act: Family and Work

NFB Video reviewed
By B.K. Gosh

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Directed by Helena Cynamon
National Film Board, 1992

This release by the National Film Board of Canada explores the everyday working realities of women and men in the work force. This video, which is a part of the Women and Work series, clearly articulates the difficulties of juggling the many needs of a family with those of a competitive work environment in the 1990s. Through the examination of six different families, the video explores such strategies as flex-time, job sharing, satellite offices and telecommuting and their effectiveness in insuring a better quality of life for workers.

The job sharing scenario examines the life of Pat Crowe and her work as a publicist who arranges author's tours and publicity for books. She emphatically states that job sharing does not mean that she works part time. Rather, she shares a full time job with her co-worker and is entitled to benefits like other full time workers. By working only three days a week, she is able to spend more quality hours with her children.

Tazeem Nathoo, a Personel Manager at British Columbia Hydro, uses her days off to spend time with her mother who does not speak English and who needs her help to function in an English speaking environment. BC Hydro provides its employees with 'core days' which they can take off as needed. As a manager, Ms. Nathoo values creative approaches to meet the competing demands on employees in the company.

This film is targetted towards the education market and conveys its message in easy to understand and clear terms.

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B.K. Gosh lives in Vancouver.
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